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The Real World (Hustler's University)

Join 60,000+ members and the largest organization of men transforming their lives with high-income skills.

Learn Andrew Tate’s most valuable business lessons in 100+ hours of content and learn from mentors each earning $100K+ per month.

Learn 18+ High-Income Skills

Access to 10+ Additional Mentors

50+ Lessons from Andrew Tate himself

Build your network with like-minded men

Masterclasses and Mentoring

18+ High-Income Skills Taught Inside


Learn how to quickly build highly profitable eCommerce businesses without needing inventory or high start-up costs.


Whether it's dropshipping or starting your own private label brand, eCommerce websites are one of the best business you can start in 2022.

Affiliate Marketing

Generate passive income without even needing to build and sell your own product. Fast way to scale your income with little to no money. 

Affiliate Marketing

Not having a product or service to sell right away isn't an excuse not to make money. Using affiliate marketing, you can promote an existing product or service and keep large commissions for yourself!

Cryptocurrency Trading

Learn how to trade cryptocurrency from professionals and receive the best alphas from experts. Move markets with the power of the whole community.

Cryptocurrency Trading

The volatility of cryptocurrency creates huge opportunities for making money and HU2 has some of the most forefront crypto experts inside. 

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Digital Marketing

Learn how to start your own digital marketing agency by helping local businesses to acquire customers online. Facebook, Google and TikTok ads.

Digital Marketing

Acquire your first clients and deliver a first-class service using the secrets taught inside. A digital marketing agency is the ultimate 'cash cow' business.


Learn how to leverage your skills to generate an online income from a completely remote location. Build a team and craft an irresistible offer.


Learn the ins-and-outs of being a freelancer, which you can do from anywhere.

Amazon FBA

Discover how to take advantage of the biggest online marketplace in the world by selling your own private label products.

Amazon FBA

Research products, make custom designs, import them and create your own empire on Amazon. Take advantage of the largest online customer base! 

Exclusive Network

Andrew Tate's WAR Room Mastermind

The War Room is an exclusive network of high-value men open only to the worthy. The War Room consists of 150+ private Telegram channels, where members can network and discuss a range of different topics and help each other.

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War Room Live Events

The War Room has numerous live events each year led by Andrew Tate. Attendees learn insider information, smoke cigars, drink whisky, spar and make deals.

Leverage the Power of the Network

Having thousands of wealthy, influential men in a single group can be extremely beneficial for those involved. Members look out for each other like brothers.

Escape Government Tyranny

The War Room teaches you secrets that big government doesn’t want you to know.

Learn how to acquire multiple passports and build multiple bases so that one single country can never tie you down.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Real World is Andrew Tate’s all-encompassing education platform, teaching people how to create wealth for themselves using any of 18+ expertly-taught methods. If you no longer want to be a slave to your boss and money, HU2 will help you escape the matrix and acquire financial freedom.

The Real World currently costs $49 per month, but is shortly rising to $99. Don’t be impressed that it has 65,000+ members; be impressed that it KEEPS 65,000+ members because they receive more than they put in every month.

Get taught directly be Andrew Tate himself, as he shares his most valuable life and business lessons across several hours of video content. There are also 10+ industry experts inside for each of thelth creation methods, meaning that there is always on-demand help and support if you have any questions.

Hustlers University 2 is open to anyone irrespective of age. We have had members as young as 13 make $10k in a month with what they learned inside. How old you are is irrelevant. What matters is that you put the hard work in and leave your excuses behind.

Hustlers University is a membership based subscription, meaning you can cancel at any time and no future charges will be incurred.

The War Room is reserved for high value men who are looking for a world-class network. It has high standards and purges members who are not deemed to be worthy. If you’re a beginner, join HU2 first and you may be eligible to join the War Room once you have acquired sought-after skills and developed into a strong, capable man.

Andrew Tate has a net worth of $200 million and is willing to teach his business secrets to YOU for just $49 – and you think that’s a scam? That’s like Mike Tyson offering to teach you how to box, but you say ‘no thanks, I think I’d be better off on my own’. Join and see for yourself.

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Join a network of ambitious men and rub shoulders with powerful, high net worth individuals. You are who you surround yourself with.

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